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Lead Testing

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There are several important facts to keep in mind regarding lead. First, pregnant women should not be exposed to lead; it can harm their unborn child. In addition, in many cases, there are no outward signs that a child has high lead levels. They may appear perfectly healthy.

lead testing

If you eat paint chips or soil with lead, the chemical can enter your body. It is also able to affect you if you breathe in or swallow lead dust. However, you do not simply have to resign yourself to lead exposure. There are a number of things can be done to cut back on your chances of being affected. You should be aware, though, that if you try and get rid of lead-based paint without knowing what you are doing, you can make your living environment dangerous for your family and those that live around you.
If your home or apartment was built prior to 1978, it may have lead based paint. This situation must be resolved appropriately in order to ensure the continued health of everyone in the building. If you purchase or rent a property that built before 1978, the law states that you must get information on the history of your home.

Lead Concerns

Lead dust can be very difficult to see, and it can harm your health. Paint chips are visible, and they also have the potential to harm your health. If your property has lead-based paint, and it is cracking, peeling or chipping, that is a problem that needs to be addressed appropriately. In addition, lead-based paint that is used on a toy that a child puts in their mouth may cause problems. Finally, lead-based paint that is in areas that children can chew on or that gets a lot of abuse needs to be watched very carefully. For example, window sills, railings, and door frames all fall into this category.

If the lead-based paint still looks like new, it should be fine. Lead dust is generated when the paint is heated, dry sanded or dry scraped. It can also collect if two surfaces scrape against each other. While the dust may settle over time, it can get stirred up through normal daily activities, like walking past the area in question.

Lead Testing

If you are concerned about your home, we can help. Our inspectors have been trained appropriately and know how to evaluate a variety of situations. Don’t worry unnecessarily; call us to have a look and advise you about your options.

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