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Moisture And Water Intrusion Inspection

Structures, especially those made of wood are susceptible to water and moisture intrusion, resulting in damage. As such, it is vital to conduct periodic inspections checking for any evidence of water intrusion, moisture due to a leaking roof, pipe leaks, the wind, and rain, excess humidity and cracks in the foundation. SOZO Inspection Services will inspect your home for any of these issues and inform you of risk of damage posed by these problems that can lead to expensive repairs.

A fresh coat of paint can cover and hide problems on the surface without offering a solution to them. For instance, paint cannot help you battle a mold infestation, rot in the wood, or water damage. Bear in mind that water damaged materials in a building’s structure can create a breeding ground for mildew, mold and other disease causing pathogens.

SOZO Inspection Services will conduct a thorough moisture inspection to identify the source of the moisture and the extent of the damage. And they will provide a written report with pictures to help you understand the magnitude of the issues found.

The water and moisture intrusion inspection may be done using two methods, a probe method and infrared thermography. First, your Certified Colorado Springs Home Inspector will physically examine your structure for any visible signs of moisture or water damage. Based on the finding, we will now if we have to open up the areas for a more comprehensive assessment depending on how high or low the moisture readings are and then we can develop the appropriate plan of action.

Infrared Thermography Moisture Inspection

The infrared thermography is a non-invasive technology involving the use of infrared cameras to help see temperature variations in the walls to check for moisture without having to tear down parts of the wall. Moisture often retains heat differently from dry materials. As such, roofs, floors, walls, and other surfaces with wet materials will emit a unique heat signature that’s is different from the dry materials. A thermographic scan will be done to help discover temperature variations in the building materials such as wood, sheetrock, drywall, and stucco that is caused by retained moisture.

Probe Method

The probe method will involve the use of a penetrating probe meter that checks for moisture within the floors, walls, and ceiling. We will need to drill a few small holes of around 3/16 of an inch into the building material to facilitate a better access and viewing. The holes are minute thus not easily visible.

It will be up to the inspector which moisture detection method is used to get the most accurate information possible.

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