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Colorado Springs Mold Inspection

Mold is a universal part of the natural environment, and it can be found in many different forms. Not all mold is harmful; there are some strains (like those that led to the discovery of Penicillin and those that are used in the baking of bread) that are actually quite helpful. Other forms of mold present clear health risks, and these are the types you need to make sure do not take root in your home.

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There are many factors that can bring harmful mold spores into your home. They can travel on the air, hitchhike on your clothing, or get tracked in by pets. The good news is that most spores die without reproducing when they come indoors. When conditions for reproduction are more favorable (such as in the aftermath of a flood), mold can take root and breed rapidly. You should make a mold inspection a top priority after any significant water damage event.

Can Mold Cause Structural Damage To Your Home?

Yes! Many strains of mold are corrosive and lead to permanent structural damage. Mold can cause drywall to crumble if it’s given enough time to reproduce. Even wood will suffer structural damage (becoming brittle and fragile) if it is exposed to untreated mold for long enough.

Mold Contamination Is Associated With The Following Health Problems:

  • Increased frequency and severity of asthma symptoms
  • Respiratory conditions like wheezing, shortness of breath, and fatigue
  • Bloody nose
  • Sinus infections
  • Recurrent infections of the ears and throat
  • Skin conditions including rashes, discoloration, and in extreme cases, abscesses

When Do You Need To Contact A Mold Inspector About Your Home?

Having a mold inspection is an excellent idea before you commit to purchasing a new home. It’s particularly important with homes that have been vacant for extended periods or those being sold “as-is.”

  • Mold inspections are important following a flood or other major water damage incident.
  • You need a mold inspection after any type of roof leak or plumbing accident has introduced water into your home’s walls.
  • When you see dark stains on furniture, drapes, carpeting, or walls without other explanations, a mold inspection may be the answer.
  • Consider a mold inspection if you notice the smell of mold or mildew, no matter how faint.
  • A mold inspection is a good idea if any member of your family is suffering from frequent respiratory problems that have no other cause.

Regular mold inspections may be required if your home is situated in an environment (close to open water or in a heavily-forested area) where mold growth is especially likely.

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