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Pre-Listing Inspection

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Sellers need all the help they can get prior to listing their property for sale. They need to be aware of any concerns that potential buyers might have. Buyers come from all different backgrounds and have different professional abilities. There are some buyers who have experience and can spot problems in the home which makes a difference in their decision to make an offer or not.

When a seller gets a pre-listing inspection they get an advanced warning as to any issues that may be present in the home. The inspection will detail what repairs need to be made to get the house in excellent condition. Sellers and their real estate agent can decide from the inspection report which items are the most important to take care of. These items can range from foundation problems to electrical problems or from minor things like painting a room or adding outlet covers to outlets.

Certified, Professional

A certified home inspector pre-listing home inspection identifies problems up front. It helps a seller avoid having to wait for a buyer to conduct an inspection and reveal serious issues that can end up costing thousands of dollars in the form of a lower offer. When a seller has a pre-listing inspection, they have the information needed to decide what repairs to make or which to disclose during negotiations so that credits can be offered to the buyer.

12 Benefits of Pre-Listing Inspections

Your home may sell faster or for more money when you have a pre-listing inspection done. All buyers can be informed during negotiations of any issues which both parties can work to resolve before the closing. You can also make any repairs ahead of listing the property so the closing can go more smoothly. Additional benefits include:

  • The home could sell for more money.
  • Buyers will not walk away assuming there are problems with the home.
  • There will be no deal killers from a buyer’s inspection completed after the deal is settled.
  • Avoiding last-minute negotiations that tie up the closing.
  • Avoiding the stress of an inspector having raised an issue that is a serious problem.
  • Avoiding buyers from getting cold feet.
  • Avoiding buyers who walk away because they do not want to waste time on an inspection.
  • No more worrying about having a parade of inspectors going over your home before multiple offers are made.
  • You get to pick the inspector based on their credentials and reputation.
  • You can resolve any differences of opinion before the house gets listed.
  • You choose to fix any problems or accept them as a problem and reflect it in the purchase price.
  • Post the inspection report online with the listing to keep all potential buyers informed.

If you do fix the areas noted on the inspection, the inspector will return to update the report so it reflects the home’s corrected status. This is a big advantage to selling especially in a slow market where buyers are very concerned about the condition of a home and the value they are getting.

When real estate markets soften, you need all the help you can get to sell your home. Even in good markets, it helps to have pre-listing inspection information.

Do yourself a favor and invest in a pre-listing inspection. You can avoid any last-minute surprises. A pre-listing inspection gets you in control and allows you to present your home in its best light.

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